It Is Time For Political Change


I believe it is time for change within the political process of our country.

There’s to become a better method of choosing our nations leaders.

The election rhetoric has barely started as well as the petty wrangling, the obvious usage of concern, the disturbances, as well as the unwillingness to deal with the crucial issues facing our country is beginning.

It is common understanding the world is experiencing some really significant problems; challenges which are likely to need management able to clear thinking and courage.

We ought to be modeling global methods to the issues facing the world; options that provide the chance of a much better life to everyone as well as trust on earth.

Once more we appear to be slipping in to shadows and the night of our unevolved human nature.

I’m seriously embarrassed in the insufficient self and material -centered arrogance contained in the political wrangling. We without perspective, are changing into a nation led by politicians who’re also often premature, misleading, and not able to provide true leadership.

Management involves viewing the issues obviously, coping with them directly, as well as the capability to imagine a much better future; a perspective that provides solutions focused on the higher good; options that provide real desire.

That’s true global leadership’s duty.

Being an American, I find myself once more embarrassed from the simple emotional tone contained in the political dialogues.

Attraction’s Law is obvious: we express in to the world feelings and our inner feelings. Rather than providing innovative alternatives, our political process encouraging and is also often condoning violence and psychological turmoil.

I’d encourage most of US to accept a number of of the suggestions given below, and become prepared to discuss these suggestions to our neighbors, peers, household members and our friends.

I believe we could do. Your Stonyhill group is just a little area of the voting population, but we are able to really make a difference; we are able to design a far more enlightened type of thinking.

Number 1: Keep Faith From Our Country’s Political Process

All religions recommend a regressive first-century, mythic, technically illiterate worldview awareness which should not direct or determine the political procedure for any contemporary, 21st century country when translated through the contact of traditional fundamentalism.

They understood from knowledge that after the religious philosophy of any particular religion thinks to consult with expert or enforce its spiritual beliefs or ideologies on people who don’t maintain these same religious opinions, it just breeds department, bigotry, hate, repression, and abuse; an extremely risky method to establish cultural and monetary plan to get a country or even the earth; particularly within the 21st century.

Our country’s founding fathers deliberately kept faith from our political process.

A healthier faith, and it is religious lessons, must reveal values-based on love, empathy, mutuality, range, threshold, and inclusiveness; “not” about the social integrity and morality of historic ethno centric countries that passed in to the haze of background a large number of years back.

We require management using the perspective to guide us in to the potential, not really a regressive go back to integrity and first-century ancient values.

Number 2: The Refusal To Accept Reality Has Generated The Challenges We Face

Our collective unwillingness basically developed the issues which are facing people to deal with and grasp reality.

Technology may provide some observations on the best way to externally resolve or deal with issues for example global warming or international hunger, but actual methods to the problems facing the world, and our country, may arise only if we’re ready to accept truth and alter just how we feel internally.

Accusing political party or anyone person as having produced the issues that face people is merely an improper type of ignorance.

Your combined medical knowledge is showing us global warming is just a significant problem. Your homophobia against homosexual marriage is just a spiritual refusal of scientific knowledge.

We’re headed toward a worldwide population of 8 million people; 7 million people who’ll desire to obtain a middleclass lifestyle. However environmental experts are warning our world can support of living for approximately one million people a middle-class typical.

Quite simply, we’re currently 6 million people beyond sustainability. Ignoring the truth is a kind of prejudice that people CAn’t accept.

Your collective knowledge is showing us we’re working from cheap energy sources.

Our collective scientific knowledge is clear. Your individual species is accountable for additional living species on our planet’s extinction in a price not observed in more than 64 million years.

We’re working from fresh water. Kids are dying of hunger and insufficient health care. I am sure you receive the purpose, although this record might proceed. We’re ignoring evidence. We’re ignoring reality.

We’re a great country since we’ve accepted the collective knowledge of centuries of modern scientific discovery that is proven.

Whenever we collectively enable our politicians and special interest groups to present questions about medical data; evidence that warns we’re obviously headed toward environmental, natural and cultural disaster, we’re adopting a kind of collective ignorance which makes zero sense.

We’re in a risky, collective refusal of truth whenever we will not recognize that “endless monetary growth” is just a story fantasy presently accepted by every government in the world.


# 3: Our Grandchildren’s Future Is Determined By Well We Develop And Help The Person and Collective Consciousness Of Our Variety Today

I’d encourage people of the Stonyhill group to consider implementing all or some of products included in the Voter Guidelines given below. Your main energy may be the combined energy of our personal vote, as well as the strength of our collective voice.

It is time to communicate clearly concerning the future you want to produce for future years; a future which makes possible the endless creative potential open to most of US once we lean into that future. We are able to change lives.

We need politicians effective at national leadership. We need our potential like a variety; leadership centered on both our potential like a country, and enlightened management.

Move them if these tips seem sensible for you.

Guidelines For Educated 21st Century Voters

I’ll vote just for those politicians

Embrace the principles outlined in Concept #2 above and Concept Number 1,

Embrace the integrity of care and empathy for each individual under their political treatment.

Will not use immature all-or-nothing, dark-and-white convinced that change people who argue together into an enemy.

Use middlepath thinking to deliberately search for the facts available on both sides of each situation.

Refuses by any means or to deliberately distort the reality lie to voters. Politicians are asking our election to create them leaders. Leaders must have moral obligation and the power to confirm their “facts”.

Accept compromise and contain the survival of the nation to become more important compared to a) survival of the own political party, or b) their particular ideological beliefs.

White lies, or any deliberate, misleading distortion of the reality continues to be a lie. We and we do not condone it and it, respectively within our politicians. We need design high ethical standards and leaders who reveal.

Will not put their ideological “values” above the survival of the planet or our country. We’re all-in this point called life.

Your success, in the cost of others, may ultimately damage not just our country, it could perfectly destroy the world.

We need leaders that reveal an educated high-standard of integrity and treatment for several people.

Will not support tax plan inequality, financial deregulation, or help the greed of the several in the majority’s cost.

We’re all section of why is our country what it’s. Our country will fall until we all are respected, effective, and ready to live our desires.

Will not use or suggest bigotry, bias, homophobia of any sort within their bid for political office… quietly or.overtly.

Will not irritate or openly promote concern, voter frustration, or bias; or by any means inspire abuse, hate, or namecalling as a means to obtain votes. Bias against others, aside from faith, cultural background, nationality, or their competition is just a simple way of thinking grounded in ignorance.

Refuse inspire or to support, in people who do not, the increasing gap between those individuals who have and any way. Dismantling our middleclass will be the most dangerous thing we are able to do for that financial wellbeing of future generations and our kids.

The “space” between the bad as well as the extremely rich has ultimately resulted in the problem of kingdom or each country in history.

Accept the collective proven knowledge of the world’s experts. Change is what makes the future.

Every legitimate researcher on the planet accepts development. Denial of development can be a spiritual “opinion”. The path of development is toward range, awareness, difficulty, improved life, and systemic cooperation. A country that ignores these major facts won’t survive within the 21st century.

Honestly support and promote equality for ladies in all facets of our tradition….spiritual, political, and economic.

Will not set the requirements of business, team, political party, company, or anyone person within even the requirements of our country, or the requirements of Americans.

We require enlightened management, not self serving bureaucrats.