How To Deal With Your Friend’s Political Posts On Facebook

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Are you tired of Facebook friends who are so into politics that they can’t post one status update without including politics? You are not alone. Many persons have expressed their displeasure with Facebook friends who are always sharing each and every bit of annoying oversimplified propaganda that comes their way.

The secret lies in knowing how to filter your Facebook news feed to ensure you aren’t continually barraged with irritating Facebook political posts that always intrude on your Facebook wall. Below is a detailed explanation on how to best deal with such friend’s political posts and also about how to spy on Facebook a little to avoid such situations in the future.

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Ways of dealing with Facebook friends who constantly post political posts

Unfollow Them

If the person posting an avalanche of political stories or even rants on a daily basis is someone you generally like interacting with, but would like to take a break, say, until after the political temperatures cool down a bit, simply unfollow them and still remain friends.

This is how to unfollow someone on Facebook; go to their profile. Check on the bottom right corner of his or her cover photo. You will see somewhere written “following”.

Click on it and choose “unfollow”. The fun part about this option is that the Facebook friend will not realize that you secretly chose not to continue receiving their posts in your News Feeds.

Additionally, should you change your mind, you can always (secretly) opt follow them again.


While this is somewhat cruel since the person will know that you have unfriended them, it provides a way of dealing with political posts once and for all. It is appropriate for Facebook friends who post political posts always; whether it is an electioneering period or not.

So, first find out if this is the person who you may need a favor from, someone you are likely to run into on the streets, and so forth. If not, go on. Unfriend them; it is far much better to have one friend less and save yourself the trouble of being constantly bombarded with exasperating political posts.

Use plugins

A browser extension, referred to as Fluff Busting (FB) Purity allows you to fine-tune Facebook in totally new ways. FB Purity is actually a flexible plugin with which you can fine-tune several options and only leave out the posts you want to see.

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It even allows you to rank posts in sequential order, as opposed to letting Facebook determine what you will see first. After downloading and installing it, start by ticking the Hide “Auto Tag” option. After enabling the option, tag the person you wish to filter out their posts. Type a space once you are done tagging such Facebook friends, and the annoying political posts will be no more.

Tips on how to keep Political Posts on Facebook at bay

  • 1. Think before commenting: It is possible to get carried off as communications picks up, to a point you find yourself firing off a political response to a post that you do not agree with. This will entangle you in the political stories since any time someone comments on the same post, you are notified.

    So, if you really want to keep political posts at bay, restrain from commenting, liking or sharing any political posts regardless of how misinformed and misplaced it may look. This way, the methods explain above will effectively shield you from annoying political posts.

  • 2. Find something to do: if you are spending too much time on social media, the fact that many people seem to enjoy discussing politics may compel you to get involved in the online political mud-pit. Before it become addicted, take precautions to protect yourself. The best way is to set a time limit of the duration of time you spend on Facebook on a daily basis.

    If you once responded to a political comment, resist the temptation to find out how the argument ended. Instead, make yourself busy by engaging in meaningful economic activities.


With the above working ways to deal with your friend’s political posts on Facebook, you have no reason to be upset with long forcefully intruding political posts again. Establish the type and level of friendship between you and the bothersome Facebook friend and either choose to unfollow or unfriend them.

Alternatively, utilize advances in technology by installing FB purity plugin and taking the game to the next level.